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Eva Maria Reiner

Managing Owner, GOLDEN BALEAR


GOLDEN BALEAR Real Estate was founded in 2008 by Eva Maria Reiner. The first office in Puerto Andratx was opened at the time of the financial crisis. Despite this difficult time with many tough experiences, Golden Balear succeeded in building up and establishing itself as a brand in Mallorca.

Discretion and professional

For non-conventional searches, a traditional inflexible partner without intensive personal attention is not the right choice. We find for you the so-called “pin in a haystack”. That is our passion and our promise to you. 

Our customers contact us in case of a special property search, which is not easy to find on the market. If feasible we will find it!

Our priority is your contentment!

Discretion plays an important role for you and for us as well. The many years of experience in the real estate market in Mallorca and the very good connections to customers, agents, notaries, lawyers, craftsmen, etc. enable you as a customer to receive the support from a single source to renowned and experienced contact persons around your new property. With this, GOLDEN BALEAR is happy to be your reliable partner in all areas with your individual construction or purchase project.


It needs a well-functioning network between many potential sellers and us, but also with other real estate brokers and partners, especially for items that are not publicly available on the market. This network has built up trusting GOLDEN BALEAR for many years and there is a direct good contact with many clients and also renowned partners  on the island of Mallorca who appreciate GOLDEN BALEAR for their professionalism. 

As a result of our many years of excellent networking in Mallorca, we offer you a range of properties for all tastes and needs. With us as your single contact, you do not only save a lot of time, but sometimes you also save money.


The location of
your new property

The situation, existing infrastructures, future potential performance, possible planned projects in the region and other important indicators must be considered for our customers. For that you have to know the island well. In this way, you can continue to positively influence the value preservation, and thus the performance of your property. Finding special properties in preferred locations with potential is our commitment for private buyers as well as investors.

The location for the purchase
of your property

We can offer you a variety of properties in the following locations:


You will not incur additional costs for the increased range of services. The costs when selling a property are the same as with any other broker. These costs are borne by the seller in Spain. Thus, you receive much more services and an independent real estate portfolio to get your dream home at the best possible conditions in a timely manner.


We accompany you over the entire period of your real estate project until the acquisition (or moving in) and on request also beyond. Thus, we offer you a professional service – focused on quality and not quantity and at fair prices.

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